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2018 Student of the Year Award Winner: Aisha Williams

My name is Aisha Nyla Williams and I am from Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I work at a special school, the Tobago School for the Deaf, Speech, and Language Impaired. And we have like multiple disabilities. Autism, cerebral palsy. We had one visually impaired student. That's how I actually started the course.

My instructors were very helpful. You know it was very encouraging. Sometimes you don't understand something, you know they are a phone call away or email away and you can message and they will guide you along, so that was very helpful. You didn't have to search to find anything. You didn't have to bust your brain, oh God, how to get this done. It was there. Just, everything was just laid out. Winning this award means, you know, I could help, you know, back home. Because we have visually-impaired individuals in Trinidad and Tobago, and nothing is done.

They are going to adulthood and they are just home, not independent, can not work anywhere, have to, a family member has to do everything for them to go to the bank or you know. They can't cook for themselves or anything. So it would show us that there are things out there we can use that we can educate the visually-impaired to make the self-independent and you know, when you see lives change, you know, from point A to point B, you feel good inside, you know.

You see that a child who is visually-impaired can go to school, can get help, can get education just like a child who has sight. It's so, you know, fulfilling to see that because if I have a child with visual-impairment, I would love to see them reach their full potential. Hadley is a miracle worker.

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