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2017 Donald Wing Hathaway Lifelong Learning Award Winner
Victor Press - MO

Victor Press

When Victor became visually impaired due to a retinal detachment, he learned about Hadley from the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital’s Blind Rehabilitation Center. He has been taking classes since 2003. “Hadley Institute has filled the missing gaps of my earlier education,” says Victor.

One of his instructors says, “Mr. Press not only answers the questions well, but he also includes additional information on many of his answers. I have learned much more from him than he has from me!”

As a veteran of many Hadley courses, Victor says the English and computer courses improved his writing and internet skills, helping with his everyday living activities. “The diabetes course was extremely important to me because I have the disease. I use the skills taught in the course every day to control my diabetes and to keep my remaining eyesight.”

Victor expresses his gratitude, “Precious metals are just one type of wealth that can vanish in one’s lifetime. But the wealth of knowledge can only be lost by brain damage or death. I have gained my vast source of knowledge from several institutions of learning which includes Hadley. My learning was sometimes hindered due to my poor vision and lack of visual technology. Hadley is the only place that took an enormous concern for both my learning and visual handicap.”

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