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2017 Braille Student of the Year Award Winner: Andrew Simpson

The best thing I enjoy about Hadley courses is the support.

For one thing, I do feel the materials that are received by mail and by email are very thorough. But I especially appreciate that if I want to call an instructor or email them or even get some peer support on the conference teaching hours on the phone and internet, it's really good.

Some of the more important things I've learned through the Hadley courses I've taken are developing a sense of independence. Many students will become kind of socially isolated due to blindness and disability. But knowing that there's other students like you and instructors who want to help really promotes a great learning experience.

That again reaffirmed that this is a school of not only helping you out personally but helping you build interconnectedness with others. And it's great when we're giving and sharing. Two years ago because of Hadley's resources online and with helping us to get connected on Skype as well, I met Chinese students living in China who are speaking English and being students of Hadley. And it's fascinating to communicate live real time through the internet because of Hadley with other Hadley students all around the world.

As I think about it and I'm putting some of my Hadley skills into practice even in my daily life. It's helped me to build autonomy. It's helped me to build social interconnectedness with other peers of visual impairment throughout my state and across the nation, and, as I mentioned before even in China, with others in the world. I feel much more confident in being able to reach out and communicate with others.

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