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New Business Venture Winner: Satauna Howery

We're looking for the voice of a character who is in her 70s. She's a witch who lives in a small village.

I was a musician long before I did voice acting. And the value of that was that I'm pretty good with technology and computers.

“Our first award recipient is Satauna Howery of Clifton Park, New York. Satauna owns Satauna's Voiceovers.”

So my clients are anybody who needs anything voiced. So that could be a radio or TV commercial, it could be their on hold messaging, it could be a crazy character for a video game. It could be internal e-learning or training that they need to do.

There we go. “A hypothesis. Or educated guess about moisture. They thought that…” See, there's a breath in there.

So at last year's New Venture Competition, I won $5000. What I have done with that capital is to put it into a team that is working with me on overhauling and redoing my website, starting up my blog and YouTube channel, and my social media profiles. All of that kind of stuff that I always say I'm going to do but I really don't want to do on my own.

And I've got the speech coming through one channel, the computer speech. Alright, so I can turn that up and down. But the actual, audio that I'm recording if I start recording, that's coming through a different channel. So now if I play that back, If I start recording, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah-- It's separate, so when I'm on Skype with somebody, their volume and my volume, I can adjust them. I really market heavily the fact that clients can be present during the session.

I think that one of the things the New Venture Competition did for me. It gave me a lot of really clear focus on the financials and just on the general overall goals of where I was at the time and where I'm going.

You know, when people hire me, they're not just paying me to open my mouth and talk, but all of the investing that I have put into myself, the continual education I've made into growing my skills, the financial investment that I've put in the studio, the time investment of learning to use the equipment well so that I can give them really great sounding audio.

(recorded song plays in background)

Now, I don't have to mix this. I just had to sing it.

I love what I do and there's something magical, and I do mean it, magical, about being able to say that I love what I do, and I'm the force behind what I do.

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