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2017 Dean W. Tuttle Professional Award Winner: Annely Rose

Hadley courses have benefited my career through learning more information. I am a vision rehab teacher and I teach Braille, mostly Braille, and independent living courses. And the Braille teaching methods courses have provided me with more information, and also a review of things I already know.

I've taken couple of the independent living courses and they've been helpful in providing information, as well as the using Excel and working with Word documents.

What makes Hadley unique is the fact that I don't have to leave my house. I can do the courses from my home. If I want to sit in my pajamas and work on my courses, that's fine. I don't have to worry about going out using transportation, finding the class in a facility, and it's just very easy.

Douglas Walker is terrific when... I had thought getting an iPhone for years. And I finally broke down and got one last year in August. And when I got it, I knew there was swiping and double-tapping. I got one and I thought, oh my gosh, what am I going to do? And I went home and I looked up the Hadley YouTube videos that Douglas Walker does, and I went through the beginning gestures and the advanced gestures, and I was off and running with my iPhone.

Hadley has helped me thrive in homework and community. In home, I've learned... Well, I took the home maintenance course, and I'm telling my family how to fix things around the house. And with work, I'm a Braille instructor, and the information, especially the transitioning to UEB, has been very helpful. In the community, letting people know that this is out there, and it's not just for the visually impaired person, but it's also for their family members, and also for professionals as well.

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