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2019 Professional Learner of the Year: Robert Kozel

About 30 years ago someone I worked with who was visually impaired mentioned that they were taking courses from Hadley. I didn't know what it was and he explained it to me and for a long time I thought it was just courses for people who are visually impaired. It was later on that he explained to me that professionals could take courses also.

I worked in this field a long time, over 30 years. A lot of the things we do is passive and what I mean by that is talking books, whatever. When people pick courses and do well in them, there's a whole feeling of accomplishment and Hadley offers that and it offers it in a wide range of subjects and caters to a wide audience.

I worked with a man who lived in Corpus Christi, Texas. I worked with him with the CCTV and he told me he wasn't much of a reader. I recommended to him he take a course from Hadley. He didn't want to use talking books, he just wasn't interested. Then I didn't see him for about a year. I came back and he took me to see his container garden. He was very pleased. The reason he was very pleased is he took the container gardening course from Hadley. If I had talked to him a year before, I was twisting his arm, now he's willingly taking courses.

Courses are more than just the material. Some of the courses I've taken online, they've just been very cut and dry. What separates Hadley is the feedback that you get from the instructors, their willingness to share, their willingness to comment. Did you think about it? Have you ever been exposed to this? It's a wonderful aspect because Hadley picks instructors who have experience and that comes through when you take courses. I've been very pleased throughout my time. It made Hadley, I think, as my first choice when I take courses.

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