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2017 Donald Wing Hathaway Lifelong Learning Award Winner: Victor Press

Sixty-one years ago when my vision went in a poof, they didn't have the technology they have today. I had to struggle a lot more than they do today learning because I couldn't see the boards and all that stuff. And I didn't have the materials that Hadley gives out. That's the biggest thing, I think, that had an advantage over all the other learning I did through the years.

The most unique learning is that I could do it at home at my own speed. It was a one-to-one relationship with the student and the teacher. The technology, like the cassette or whatever thing or large print, or whatever it is helped me do the course better than I would. I didn't have to struggle as much.

Well, first of course, I learned to be a great — not a great one, but a better communicator. I also learned technology that I didn't know. It helped me. I learned about the instructors.

Let me tell you something about the instructors. The instructors here are magnificent. They are well professionalized. They care about the student. They mean what they mean when they do their job. That's the biggest thing about Hadley.

Being a teacher we were on fixed income and it helped me take more courses because they were free. And being frank, I appreciated it. I really do — and I still do. It allowed me to learn beyond my scope.

It's like taking a weed of ignorance and cultivating it into a magnificent, stupendous bloom of knowledge and this knowledge enabled me to become a better leader than a follower and it also allowed me to serve humanity rather than humanity serve me.

Gloria and I will give to Hadley at times, because Hadley really deserves what they get. They are helping people who need help and they're not only helping people in America, but they're helping people across the world. I like to say that I appreciate what Hadley's done and I think Hadley's a great organization.

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