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2017 International Student of the Year Winner
Maritess Dalida - Phillipines

Maritess Dalida

Maritess learned about Hadley from a colleague while teaching children with visual impairments through the Department of Education in the Philippines. She says, “I enrolled and finished my first course, Intro to Braille, and was hooked. I enrolled over and over again.”

Maritess says, “It is my legacy to help those with visual impairment. Dedication and patience are important as they help with my client relationships and with their family members.” She visits regularly with a blind and mildly autistic client, neglected by his mother who cannot accept her son’s disabilities.

Maritess enjoyed all of the courses she took and says her instructors were very helpful. “All of my courses helped me learn to deal with the needs of my students, from birth to adulthood. I explain to all of my clients’ parents, we must teach them to fish, not just feed them the fish. We need to leave these visually impaired students a great legacy by teaching them how to be independent enough to live.”

Maritess says, “Hadley played an important role in my life. No schools offered courses for the visually impaired in the city near my home. Taking Hadley courses helped me receive a promotion which is helping provide for my daily needs.”

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