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2018 Student of the Year Award Winner: May Khoo

My name is May and I grew up in Malaysia but now I'm living California. The summer before college, so I want to say good-bye to my grandma. I see she has to look at me really close up to be able to tell that it was me that she was looking at. So, I didn't think much of that then, but over the course of the next few months my grandma hurt herself while cooking and then she had a fall. I just feel really bad hearing all this news from home when I was away, and I feel helpless. So, I started looking up courses and resources online and I found Hadley.

I was very excited when I started learning braille. For my personal experience I was a student when I started learning from Hadley and I wouldn't be able to afford to pay for more, to afford to take classes, extra classes. So, due to the free courses at Hadley too, that was another reason I chose to learn from Hadley. Winning this award, it came as a surprise really I've been nominated for this award that I feel empowered, that I should keep on learning and keep on sharing the knowledge and try to contribute further and help more people.

In addition to reminding teachers how they could make learning resources more accessible to others, and be more aware of different student needs. When I taught I also try to make my learning resources more available to different groups of students. If I were to describe Hadley in a few words I would say Hadley is very supportive, generous, and resourceful.

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