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New Business Venture Winner: Karen Richardson-Moore

The winner, Karen Richardson-Moore of Buffalo, New York, owns Innovative Back Office Solutions, LLC. Her company offers virtual and on-site back office support to businesses.

I was a recipient of a $10,000 award from the New Venture Competition last year, and that was such a blessing to me because that allowed me to take my business that had been in business less than a year to another level. We were able to use those funds for advertising, so we had radio ads, some television advertisement. And as long as I can get up and read what I need to read and send my emails and create my presentations, I'm good.

Having been diagnosed with the diabetic retinopathy has really changed my life, and even though I am back in the world and running my business now, I still have periods where I I do mourn the loss of my sight because along with losing my sight I lost a lot of my independence. A telephone that has large print numbers, a voice capability that will announce the call for me in case I, for whatever reason today, can't see the screen. It will announce who the caller is for me.

The FCE courses that I've taken, the one in particular, the Social Media and Advertising and Marketing has been extremely beneficial. When I took that course and I really got to understand the fundamentals of social media and the relevance and importance of strategizing, using social media and the business as an entrepreneur.

The one thing that I will say as far as winning this New Venture Business Competition… I have two sons. They're grown. They're 28 and 30. They were so proud of me. They have been with me through other businesses. They're entrepreneurs as a result of me, I believe.

But winning just validated to them that, “yeah, she really-- Ma really has it together,” And this is worth it. And so now they're part of the business, which was part of my dream.

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