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2017 Dean W. Tuttle Professional Award Winner
Annely Rose - FL

Annely Rose

Annely was diagnosed with Glaucoma at three months old and had several surgeries throughout the first 16 years of her life. In 2010, she became totally blind after contracting a staph infection in the eye that had some remaining sight. Annely says, “I believe being in the rehabilitation teaching field made my adjustment to blindness less traumatic because I already had been using the skills.”

One of her Hadley instructor’s writes, “A review of the courses she has completed shows a person who has demonstrated an interest in a wide variety of courses. Annely has completed 24 courses and has never earned a grade lower than an A. In addition to her conventional coursework, she has taken advantage of our seminars.”

Annely said all of the courses she took gave her information that can be used in her professional and personal life. “The course Transitioning to UEB taught me the new system and the Braille Teaching Methods courses provided me with information about teaching braille to different age groups. The Using Excel course gave me the knowledge needed to correct a timesheet for work. The Developing Your Technology Toolkit course provided me with a greater understanding of available technology.”

Since 2014, Annely has participated in Hadley’s Spring into Braille reading challenge. She says, “Spring into Braille has gotten me to use braille more, and has reminded me of how important braille is in my life.”

Annely is currently employed at New Vision for Independence as a Daily Living Skills teacher and braille instructor, using the skills and knowledge she learned through Hadley.

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