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2017 New Venture Competition Winners

Ladies and gentleman I am now going to introduce the 2017 Hadley New Venture Competition winners to you.

Our first cash award prize is in the amount of $10,000. It is presented to Olusegun Ogidan of Savanna Coffee. Savanna Coffee will operate in the heart of the newly developed La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood of downtown Denver, Colorado. - Savanna Coffee hopes to serve flavor rich farm sourced organic coffee. One of the things were are hoping to be able to do is to focus on a particular coffee from a particular part of the world every month.

Our second cash award prize is also in the amount of $10,000 and is presented to Theresa Gregg of Lumen Your Way. The mission of Lumen Your Way is to provide excellence in self-awareness through the teaching and healing sessions of life coaching and reflexology therapies. In life coaching I am working with highly motivated people that want to develop their skills and learn different ways to communicate. Reflexology we're working mainly with your hands and feet. So we're working with people that either come in for relaxation, for chronic pain.

The purpose of the New Venture Competition is to inspire FCE students to think more critically about their own business ideas. And to practically apply the principals learned in our courses to build a real business venture.

My favorite class that I benefited from the most was the marketing plan. I really liked the layout of it, it was easy to go through. It was self-paced.

I did learn things that I had not given a lot of thought like preparing balance sheets, cash flow analysis. Being able to think outside the box is one huge reason that pushed me into the world of entrepreneurial engagement.

For me to own my own business is actually liberating. And Hadley allowed me to get to this point to develop my business plan so that I can be successful on my own terms.

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