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Staying Safe: Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Yvonne and Wayne Van Duinen

Long time Hadley students, Yvonne and Wayne Van Duinen, both have Retinitis Pigmentosa. They were introduced by a counselor at the Michigan Commission for the Blind and Independent Living where they received counseling after the death of their spouses.

Of all the courses they’ve taken, Wayne says, “The Staying Safe course has altered our lives most dramatically. We used to live with a helpless feeling in the event that an emergency might occur.” They now have a disaster plan, first aid station and designated helpers. Their plan includes:

An emergency backpack that is loaded with clothes, medications and toiletries, left by the door, ready for the person who will take them to safety, in the event of a disaster. Wayne explains, “We’ve formed an evacuation plan should we have to leave our home which includes an emergency shelter equipped with food and water! When a tornado was just 50 miles away last year, we were reminded how important it is to be ready.”

A first aid station is located near the front door for helpers to easily access. The kit is prepared with bandages, medications and other items needed in case of a medical emergency.

They learned to use Amazon’s Alexa and the Ask My Buddy service, the feature on Alexa that connects them to their personal network using a voice command. Yvonne explains, “We set Alexa up to call and connect us to our son in an emergency.”

Stay Safe: Enroll in Hadley's "Staying Safe: Emergencies and Disasters" course.

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