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A Vision Within: Artist Terri Webb

Terri Webb

Terri Webb, a professional artist, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease twelve years ago and began to lose her sight. Knowing that she was likely to continue to have vision loss, she proactively reached out to Hadley to learn braille to prepare to navigate her new world. Today she has no sight in one eye and half of the visual field in the other.

With a fighting spirit, Terri is determined to continue to live her life the way she wants. She shifted artistic gears and has retrained to become a web designer.

In 2016, Terri decided to take Hadley’s Enjoying Birdsongs course. “Through this course, my mind has opened up to nature in ways I never imagined,” Terri reports. Even though that year had been challenging, the course helped her tremendously. In addition to the challenges with her health and its effect on her eyesight, Terri experienced the devastating impact of two hurricanes and a tornado all within a year’s time.

Terri realizes she had an empty space in her heart from all the loss. “Learning how to tune into nature has filled that space with the songs of birds." Terri has a vision within —a vision that will never grow dim.

Tune in to nature: enroll in Enjoying Birdsongs.

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