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Boosting Confidence, Building New Skills

I was a schoolteacher. I don't know how to be a businessperson.

When I lost my vision I had to stop teaching and that was the hardest thing for me. I felt like my life was over and I spent two or three years in just... I was not a graceful. I did not become a blind person gracefully. I was miserable and terrible and horrible to everybody I knew. It was not a pretty time.

When I started taking classes at Hadley, they weren't initially business classes. I never envisioned being an entrepreneur or businessperson, I was taking life skills classes. Nobody realizes what it means to take a class or a webinar... I took one on how to put on makeup without being able to see and that was life changing.

And my confidence grew by taking these classes. It gave me the confidence to even try something new. And when I tried something new and this business started happening, Hadley then, after giving me the confidence, gave me the skills. You know, they taught me how to do a spreadsheet and a marketing plan and it didn't cost me anything other than believing in myself as much as my instructors at Hadley believed in me.

So Hadley doesn't just help businesses. I mean, they gave me my life back.

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