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Focus On Function: Hadley's iFocus Series

Joe Danowsky

Joe Danowsky is a Managing Director and Private Client Advisor at U.S. Trust, working out of both Florham Park, NJ and NYC. He is a Private Client Advisor, attorney and executive with many years of experience with top-tier firms.

Joe is legally blind, due to a lifelong retinal condition. He learned about Hadley when researching how to stay on top of technology.

When he first purchased an iPhone, Joe found it difficult to navigate and worried the smart phone trend would leave him behind. He searched for training and found Hadley’s iFocus series. Joe tells us he’s listened to most of the 64 videos at least once and is now more confident and comfortable using his smart phone.

The phone is now his lifeline to manage his work every day. Whether it’s checking the train schedule, weather, voicemail and email; reading the newspaper; or scheduling meetings, Joe now can plan and navigate much of his work day right from the palm of his hand.

Learn to use your iPhone with Hadley's iFocus series.

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