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Aisha Williams Awarded Hadley's International Student of the Year for 2018

Aisha Williams

Aisha Williams has worked at a school for children with special needs - The Tobago School for the Deaf Speech and Language Impaired, for the past twelve years in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. While she never would have guessed that she would end up dedicating herself to this field, she has discovered a personal passion for the work. "There is so much we can do to help and I am happy to be able to do my part."

When a colleague who knew braille was leaving to further her studies, she suggested that Aisha and other members of their staff learn it in order to assist the visually impaired student at the school. This colleague also advised Aisha to contact Hadley in order to learn braille; so she did.

"Once I started the braille course, I was hooked," Aisha explained. "I just couldn't stop!" She completed the entire braille series for sighted learners, not only learning the code herself but how to assist children who are learning it as well. Aisha did well in the courses, but it was her attitude of optimism and encouragement that made her such a stand out student to her Hadley instructors. One of them said, "She always had something encouraging and uplifting to say, even when she was so busy with her work and studies."

When reflecting upon her favorite Hadley experience so far, Aisha mentions her appreciation for the course on Teaching Students with Multiple Disabilities. She loved that the course uses scenarios that got her to think outside the box. "I think it's too often that children with disabilities are labelled and assumed to have limited futures. In fact, there is so much that can be done to help these kids reach their full potentials."

There was so much in that course that Aisha could instantly put into practice, which made her feel all the better prepared to help the children she holds close to her heart.

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